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Various hygienic insulations

It goes without saying that in particular in the food-processing industry, the greatest emphasis is placed on the hygiene properties of the elements used. It was especially for this industry that we developed the FS 3000® special coating, which has been certified as innocuous by independent institutes.

This certification simplifies the introduction of HACCP concepts in plants.

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9001 Informationen zu FS3000<sup>®</sup> 9001

Cream white FG I
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9002 Informationen zu FS3000<sup>®</sup> 9002

Grey white FG I
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9010 Informationen zu FS3000<sup>®</sup> 9010

Pure white FG I
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FS 4000


The matt 40 µm surface made of PET film

Coating structure
Three-layer structure consisting of a surface-treated fine steel sheet, a coloured coating paint and a PET film as the top layer. The PET film forms a permanent bond with the sub-surface.
Halogen and PVC free coating structure.

PET foil product characteristics

  • Ideal for indoor use in the food industry where high requirements are placed on formability and resistance to mechanical stresses and chemical influences in particular.
  • Very good resistance to mechanical damage to the surface.
  • Very good chemical and stain resistance thanks to the damage-resistant surface.
  • Certified as non-toxic according to the Food and Commodities Act (LFBG) as well as the Commodities Ordinance (BGV) by an independent institute.
  • Unlike FS3000® 20 my and LMF 150my, various colour versions are possible since the PET film is food-grade.
  • Can be used from - 196 °C to + 50 °C.

You can find out more information about FS 4000 at

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