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Our clever skylight systems - faster installation and higher efficiency

We have developed our Velux skylight element for a noticeable feel-good climate and simple construction implementation. It is ideally suited for rooms in which a white, easy-care window is desired or high humidity occurs (e.g. bathroom).



Application areas

  • Industrial construction
  • Office and administrative building construction
  • Residential construction
  • Product characteristics
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The particular advantage:

  • Outstanding fitting accuracy thanks to factory-integration in our Hoesch® roof elements
  •     Maximum pre-fabrication, assembly times and leak-tightness
  •     Elegant ceiling appearance through uniform profiling of the internal skin
  •     Electrically operated (Velux Integra®)
  •     At a roof pitch less than 15°, model with wedge frame
  •     Variety of RAL colours (colour deviations of roof elements possible)
  •     Maintenance-free surface

The particular advantage: Hoesch® Velux can be pre-installed, directly and fast with our roof elements.

Robustness meets elegance: Velux plastic windows

The sash and frame consist of a wooden core that is seamlessly encapsulated in plastic (polyurethane). Due to the very high-quality 2-component lacquer applied at the end, our Velux plastic windows offer a particularly high surface quality, they are very scratch-resistant and have an extremely long service life.
Note on popping noises:
Popping noises caused by temperature may occur with sandwich elements. These noises are typical for the design and therefore they are not considered a defect.

Single roof windows

  • Swing windows for convenient opening and closing, e.g. also if there is furniture underneath the window (GGU/GGL)

  • Hinged swing windows with under-element operation and large 45˚opening angle for free access and an undisturbed view (GPU/GPL))
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