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Hoesch® vario window system

Thermal-bridge free system solution

In practice, windows for lightweight construction are often considered to be touchy problem zones. In particular, each of the thermal advantages of sandwich construction are significantly impaired through conventional installation technologies and often must be compensated with expensive structural measures.

Application areas

  • Residential construction
  • Industrial construction
  • Office and administrative building construction
  • Airport construction
  • Product characteristics
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Our system solution – the precisely fitting HOESCH isowand vario® and isorock® vario – is optimally suited for sandwich construction. The system was developed specifically for the requirements of lightweight projects and meets all the required technical, profitability, as well as aesthetic prerequisites.


  • Significant cost savings
    With the system solution a sheet metal enclosure on sandwich elements is
    unnecessary, and a retroactive enclosure of the windows – inside and
    outside – is also unnecessary.
  • Retroactive installation is possible at any time
  • Visually appealing
    Thanks to the especially developed construction principle visually disturbing
    screws or rivets are completely dispensed with
    Clean closures without sealing compounds
  • Individual colouring
    The system offers a variety of design possibilities;
    the exterior aluminium frame is available in various colours
  • Outstanding insulation values
    Our window surrounds achieve an optimal seal because fasteners do not
    penetrate the window frame. This design results in a longer service life of the
    entire window frame construction – also in the corner areas.
  • Available in element thicknesses 80 – 200 mm
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